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BASIS Health delivers healthy meals to your client’s doorstep to help drive behavioral change. We’re basing our diet on the foundations of longevity - all of our meals are anti-inflammatory, gluten-free, and work with the majority of food-related disorders and diseases.

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Our mission with health experts like you:
  • Deliver a healthy diet to your clients.
  • Connect potential clients to you.
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  • Your clients reach their fitness goals. We’re providing the nutrition.
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Driving behavioral change can be hard, especially when people are busy. Cooking and grocery shopping takes time many don’t have. Driving behavioral change can be hard, especially when people are busy. Cooking and grocery shopping takes time many don’t have.

Time constraints make driving behavioral change  hard, especially when clients are too busy to cook and shop fresh produce.

With BASIS clients save 10+ hours of meal preparation during the week and makes behavioral change mindless.

Quality is lacking in common meal plans as they are neither fresh nor filling and consistency varies. Ultra-processed foods and plastic packaging is used.

BASIS, we use locally sourced / organic ingredients and prepare meals fresh to ship them in BPA-free, compostable containers.

Flavor profiles begin to become inconsistent as meal prep services grow in scale.

BASIS meals are designed by Steve Jobs’ chef and crafted locally by our team of chefs, taste and quality remain perfect.

Health conscious clients have a variety of nutritional restrictions and might suffer from serious allergies or chronic diseases. Few meal plans are restriction friendly; and nutrient composition is opaque.

BASIS meals are restriction-friendly: Anti-inflammatory, gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian, additive-free, and more. See full list of restrictions BASIS is compatible with

What our dietitians and clients are saying

Alicia Connor, RDN
“Many of my clients struggle with eating healthy consistently, especially in the Bay Area. I'm glad BASIS can help.”
Josiah M., Food- Founder
Tastes so fresh! Just recommended it to two friends who would love it as well.
Maddie W., Customer
I felt like a god for the rest of the day. I'm so grateful to Basis for helping my dream live on.
Partners and Collaborators:

Restriction-friendly, performance- optimized.

Food is more than macros. In addition to optimizing our meals for gut absorption, blood glucose response, omega 3:6 ratios, polyphenol count, and micronutrients, we make sure they are restriction-friendly.
Diet- and Restriction-Friendly
Real Ingredients
Vegetarian / Vegan
Low glycemic-Index Meals
Low histamine
No added sugars or sweeteners
Low oxolate
No artificial flavors or colors
Low lectin
BPA-free packaging
Low sodium
No monosodium glutamate
Low salicyclate
No preservatives
Low GI
No caffeine or alcohol
Low in saturated fats

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